Q: How does it work?

a: You play a game (one of our approved games in our network) you earn Ethereum for your points and you may exchange the Ethereum for Cash.

Q: How do I exchange Ethereum?

a: You can go to an exchange like CoinBase and exchange it for Bitcoin or cash.

Q: How much can I get paid?

a: We actually pay you based on our ad revenue that you generate when you see an ad or download another game, and when you achieve certain levels by playing. Can you quit your job? Not really, but you will make some money for playing.

Q: How else can I get paid?

a: We also give you a referral link so you can post it on social media and send it to your friends. We’ll pay you $1 in *Enjin Coin per referral.

Q: How do I get cash for my Ethereum?

a: We give you a link (Coinbase ) and you can exchange your Ethereal for US Dollars on a the Ethereum Exchange.

Q: What else can I do with my Ethereum?

a: There are many things… shop at online merchants, Get a secure 15% return ( click here ) First go to an Exchange ( CoinBase ) and turn it into Bitcoin and loan it at the website.